Our mission is to please people by offering the product of the highest quality and 5 star taste level; we import our love, experience and knowledge in production.

We care for five stars of our production, in order to guarantee highest quality, freshness and ecological properties of production:

  • Naturality

We choose only fresh and natural ingredients

  • Environmental friendliness

We don’t save on raw materials, we are sure of their quality

  • Intense flavor

We make recipes, which always include liquid milk, cream, kefir, curd, sweetened condensed milk, nuts, sunflower seeds, halva. All that tastes like a homemade cookie.

  • For all the family

A variety of flavors, recipes of our products, to everyone’s taste.

  • Cooked with love

We make everything with love and put a small piece of our soul in it.

This ambition impacted the conception of the Five Star Quality Level. For this reason, a special label was invented in our company. A qualified committee of experts awards a product to the label if it passes an additional quality test. Only the product of the European quality standards and strict requirements of our customers passes the test and gets the award ‘Five star’ under the committee decision.